Round up!

Its been quite sometime since I updated my blog, however have been silently following on others blogs. Can't blame it on work, family, its just me. Did'nt feel like so did'nt - simply said.
Now for a round up..
Travel - "New York" - enjoyed thoroughly both at work and personally. It is indeed the best city on the world.(close second is Madurai - my place!) Lived in Jersey City and loved everything about this place.
Movie - "Kalavani" - good laugh, "Ravanan" - felt it was incomplete, "Thillalangadi" - non sense, waste of money
Song - Loved Ravanan songs, pretty good.
Book - Read a couple of John grisham's - The Brethren, The Client, The Streetlawyer - Loved "The Firm". Now reading "East, Pray, Love" - so far so good
Gadget - New car audio system - that means new car too ;)


ரசிகன் said...

//"Thillalangadi" - non sense, waste of money// should have told me this before i have wasted my money :P

Deekshanya said...

@rasigan -- ha aha antha kodumaiya neengalum anubavichingala??