New York

I seem to like this place - New York City . Its been about 25 days since am here. Another onsite trip - another opportunity to be myself,just for myself :) I am loving this (just like in the MacD ad). A wonderful person gifted me this wonderful collection of songs, that I've added to my ipod. Each song seems to be a fresh dose of endorphins :) bringing in so much of happiness and memories. The train commute to Manhattan is amazing, and living in Jersey city is good too. Walking from the the train stop to my office in Wallstreet is so fast, sporty and different to me. This place is sure,full of life!
I stay close to the Hudson river, and it is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! At night the reflection of all those zillion lights falling on the water is pretty,very pretty. I am sure this place is gonna leave a permanent mark in my mind. I love this moment. I love this place. I love what I am doing. This is bliss :)