Another year, another beginning, another hope , another plan :) Happy New Year to you! Moving to a new country, new assignment, new experiences - thanks to 2011, you just zipped by! What does a new year mean to you, to me it does make a different meaning. No am not talking about resolutions, plans etc etc. I'm a great fan of spontaneity. It actually means "coming out of natural impulse or tendency,unplanned or unconstrained". How beautiful it is not to know the result, but enjoy the process and the minute you hold.....

Being spontaneous means different things, acting impromptu, just like that and so on. So you are bound to be judged when you are spontaneous. I can hear you say, who cares about what others judge me as, hold hold, I said judged, it can also mean you judge yourself, you look at yourself and see how you acted in that moment. You might pat yourself and say good, or you might say couldnt you have just shut up or not reacted at all! Hmm interesting isnt it!

I want to be spontaneous, be in that moment, act for that moment, say things as you feel them in your mind not thinking about the next moment. The new year hopefully gives me enough opportunities to be spontaneous, aye aye no planning to be spontaneous ;)

Good Luck folks!