Friends Stay!!

இந்த advertisement எனக்கு ரொம்ப புடிச்சது. உங்களுக்காக அதிலிருந்து snap shots.
டிஸ்கி:Big-Addaக்கு இது மார்க்கெட்டிங் இல்லை, infact அந்த site பார்த்ததுகூட இல்லை. இந்த orkut-ஏ சரியான கடி ஆயிருச்சு, இதுல இன்னொன்னா?
இன்னுமாடா இந்த ஊர்ல orkutஅ நம்பறாய்ங்க?



4.FRIENDS STAY (there are few pics missing prior to this, that say LOVE goes, CHILDREN go, etc)


Very true - FRIENDS STAY!! This post is dedicated to my friends !
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A word!

When we look back in our lives and think about those people who made a difference in our lives, one thing surely comes to our mind. Thats one of your best / worst conversations with them. Well, thats that power of communication! Words mean a lot. I am surely reminded of the song "Words" now, and those lines "it's only words , and words are all I have to take your heart away!" Thats rightly said, when we express ourselves with the right choice of words it does make a difference and increases the chances of achieving what we had in mind.

Needless to say, in love - words are all that matter. They say, "marry someone whom you love to talk and listen to".I am totally with this saying. A lot of eruptions happen in married life when a couple fail to communicate or miscommunicate. Tracking back to why we utter some words, it comes from within. The thoughts that run in your mind, induce you to say things.Whether you have chosen the right words or the attitude with which you speak , comes from the worldly knowledge you have gained and have tuned yourself to.

Frankly speaking everyone in this world wants to be listened to. So what do we do, we start employing big / hi-fi words, poetic language, or sometimes topics that are very rarely discussed - all this to draw people's attention and make them listen to you. Blogging itself sometimes takes this path. But it takes something more, to make people listen to you. Thats called love - a love towards the subject you are speaking about, ample knowledge on the subject and above all a care that it should reach the right people.

Have read this somewhere - "The whole world exists because love exists!". Love the world, love the people, love the things that interest you, love learning. Love has many meanings, sometimes - a dedication, sometimes - marriage, sometimes -a commitment , sometimes an addiction too! So understand this word called love and employ the right words in life ! Good Luck!!