Hee hee hee ....

  • Watch 11 movies over the weekend back to back, switching from one movie channel to another
  • Cook once in 2 days.One time of cooking serves you for 3 meals.
  • After 48 hours you realize you have not left your apartment (weekend woes) On the extreme,its every week planning and exploring a new getaway
  • Download movies one after the other, sometimes kick off the download and go to sleep
  • Make the best use of youtube for the timeless Koundamani-Senthil, lollusabha comedies
  • Get bitten by the blog bug (so many 'B's)
  • Learn cooking
  • Learn how to wash
  • Respond to every email, including forward from friends, old and new
  • Check orkut,facebook,gmail,yahoo,rediff one after the other every damn night

Hee hee hee ....What does all the above signify?

ONSITE, alone in a faraway country!!!

Square One

No promises.. No back with a bang .. No "look out for more posts from me" ... Just a silent "hey, am back to blogging!"
In this last 1 year and 2 months, I have learnt that:1) There is no use sitting and worrying, nothing moves an inch because of worrying
2) How children read your mind, even if you want to conceal whats actually happening in your mind
3) Going to temples really helps you to believe God is there
4) Emotional eating is not good at all
5) Even the smallest workout can work wonders in your body
6) Cost of living in Chennai,India = Cost of living in the some cities in the US
7) A vacation to some place outside India isnt very difficult to plan and every damn tour agency who boasts of excellent comforts is just cheating you!
8) I should move on with life and not stay away from my favourite to do stuff like blogging for some dumb reasons.
9) To be more patient with kids
10) Unlearning something, helps you to learn more about it.

will blog when I feel like from now on(that could mean more regularly)