To give or to receive?

Many a times in our daily life, we have to give something to others, if lucky we receive something may be in return. What we give may be love,care or anything monetary or materialistic. However the mind longs for something in return. Giving something to others may not be out of choice, "we ought to" or "we can give" or sometimes "on an occasion" (gifts).

The human mind expects things, no one can differ on this thought, but the question I have at this juncture is that "What do we do when we get nothing in return and we are always the giver?"
Think for a moment and give me an answer.

If you are saintly/a (highly)good hearted soul, then you'd probably be saying "keep doing the same, dont expect anything from others. you are being good and you are happy seeing others happy! " (More so if you are a woman, needless to say, everyone says a woman should have no happiness on her own, it should be collective and in the favor of the entire household , bull****!!!!)

If you a normal person then your reply would be Keep on giving till you can, when you reach the break even point, stop and say thats it and walk off.

There is also a third way to approach this, why not let the receivers know that they are doing nothing in return and that they can repay atleast to the minimal level they can?? And let them know this cannot continue in this fashion of one way giving for long (kind of warn them in a gentle tone). I like this one personally!

I might sound a little pissed off, but thats the current temperament I find lots of people in.
Steam off , poor me!!!