At the last hour -- actually works!

I never keep things to the last hour, but then sometimes it works. Off late I have been thru' couple of situations that exhibited this. Like :

Booking a ticket at satyam/inox/pvr is herculean if you miss the wednesday thursday deadline for the weekend. We just walked in near one of these booking kiosks at a mall and got good seats about 10 mts before the movie started( it was the weekend following the release of the big movie)

Tried baking cupcakes last evening - it was an instant decision to make them, and God bless, they came out beautifully. The whole home smelled heavenly with the aroma of pastry baking !!! Made them for the first time - and voila they didnt let me down - love u dear little muffins.

Have spent like 20 -30 mts looking for that perfect dress, and then just when I am about to bill that "its ok, this is somewhat similar to what I wanted" dress, I spot that one dress I had in mind at the end of the line, or bottom of shelf etc... Yaay!

Many times before exams, you see that one line in the textbook just before you enter the exam hall and there it is , first one word answer/fill in the blank ... what a moment!!

Sometimes planning is never necessary, it all happens at the last moment!


ரசிகன் said...

//Sometimes planning is never necessary, it all happens at the last moment!//


Matangi Mawley said...

good picks on events..

nice blog u ve here...