Hee hee hee ....

  • Watch 11 movies over the weekend back to back, switching from one movie channel to another
  • Cook once in 2 days.One time of cooking serves you for 3 meals.
  • After 48 hours you realize you have not left your apartment (weekend woes) On the extreme,its every week planning and exploring a new getaway
  • Download movies one after the other, sometimes kick off the download and go to sleep
  • Make the best use of youtube for the timeless Koundamani-Senthil, lollusabha comedies
  • Get bitten by the blog bug (so many 'B's)
  • Learn cooking
  • Learn how to wash
  • Respond to every email, including forward from friends, old and new
  • Check orkut,facebook,gmail,yahoo,rediff one after the other every damn night

Hee hee hee ....What does all the above signify?

ONSITE, alone in a faraway country!!!


Sathiya said...

11 padathukku naduvula ithanai velai panreenga? Ippove kanna kattudhu;)

நாகை சிவா said...

Well Said :)

Ravi said...

Hi Deekshanya, welcome back :) Innum ennai nyabagam irukkum-nu namburen! Really good to see you back in action - looking forward to your nostalgic series again. So have you moved to Madras from B'lore. Great!

Deekshanya said...

@sathiya - athan post peru hee hee!
@naagai - puli sonna sarithan!

@Ravi - en nyabagam illama? i do remember you pretty well. Read your last 4 posts awesome. Keep writing. I will write a nostalgia piece asap.


Narasimhan said...

hey, i hope u remember me. i am the guy who wrote about the Microsoft interview experience. Thnx for ur words of support earlier on my blog. in amazon.com now :).

gils said...

laast line nacchuu :D

Kavi said...

So this getting bitten by the blog bug is interesting indeed !!

thanks for dropping by and the generous comment !

No i wasnt in Jeevana. Wonder if you were...!