Specimen Characters

The Story goes like this ... A and B were friends at college. A studies a different course than B. After the course got over, A gets a good job, she gets married and is happy. B studies higher, he does research, etc. A and B lose touch after few months after college.After 3 years A & B are living in different locations in the same country.

Now starts the disgusting part, B comes to the place where A lives for some reason and tries to get in touch with A, by asking this intermediate friend of her contact details. A is not in station luckily and hence B is not able to meet A. Now when A comes back, she learns from this friend that B was here, and wanted to get in touch/meet her.
So as a courtesy, A calls B by phone. ...
A: Hi How are you? You came here, Sorry I was not in town.

B: Its ok. I had time so I thought I will see you.

A: So for time pass, you wanted to see me. (Disgusted reply)

B: Maybe you can say so.

A: So whats happening?

B: Nothing, how is your err....

A: My husband's name is Mr.X

B: No, I know his name but I thought you prefer calling him your, ok ok, forget it.(grins)

A: Oh so you read my blog? (very sarcastic reply)

B: yes, dont you people write anything useful.. (mentions few famous blog readers and writers names)

A: If you dont like why are you reading our blogs

B: No If I dont have anything to do, another friend of mine and I tease and laugh over all your writing.

A is now really angry

B: Especially these married women, dont you have any brains, nothing good you'll can write?

A is really irritated, and then says "Ok, I got to go"

B say " Ok so you are growing old thats, why you arent arguing (vayasayiruchu unaku)"

A doesnt want to react to this and hangs up thinking she neednt take up this nonsense anymore.
The story ends here.

Well as you would have guess A is me. And that person B was once my so called friend.
To give you a heads up on my blogging .. I started it sometime in June 2006, impressed by some very good bloggers.(I had actually started a blog early in 2002, but then discontinued very soon, due to a lot of reasons).

Once I started blogging this year,every time I published a post, it gave me a nice feeling - something like a very well expressed thought/opinion. Every human beings' first and foremost wish is to be paid attention to or being listened to. And blogging satisfies that wish greatly, I feel.
Every time a comment arrives, the blog owners are so happy to see it and smile to themselves.
Above all the invisible friendship that develops between fellow bloggers is so very good. You might have seen the snaps of them in their profiles,but still you make an image of such friend through their writing. Thats another beautiful aspect of blogging.I sometimes feel so happy to have so many friends who write so well,and have a liking for our posts.

With so many reading your blog eagerly and commenting too, still there are such rare cases, who can never stand anything productive and are the first discouragement/obstacles to growth in life. With such people ridiculing our blogging, the truth is that, not 1 blogger is going to get affected with such cheap comments and tricks. Get it straight that it further motivates us to blog more.

And one more thing that got on my nerves is that,what the hell do such people think, when they make such generic comments about women.Terrible attitude I should say, pity their mother, sisters or spouse(if they ever happen to get married). Well the outcome of this so called friendship is the anger it triggered, this post and a wonderful learning on how very careful we need to be when choosing someone to be your friend.

I apologise to my dear fellow bloggers if I had sounded very harsh,even am not sure if I should have put this post, but I couldnt help.However I cant help getting reminded of the deaf frog that succeeded to come out of a deep pit with lot of frogs shouting from outside that it cant make it!


priya said...

Deekshanya: I think its your blog and you canw rite wat coem sin to your mind. Do not bother about people who always like to pinpoint negative and make others feel bad. I did come across once when I posted a post and another blogger attacked me too hard. I just removed the post and kept quiet. But he started publishing that article before I removed in his blog and wrote mean. I cut him down and said he was a saddist.

We cannot change peoples attitude and behavior whoever they are- friends or family.

Writing is to improve our knowledge and brings a good feeling of being positive.
Never feel bad in wat you do and forget the mean faces.

Priya said...

Deeksh, I understand your feelings. Its natural to get hurt, especially when your creation are really great. I can't believe someone can talk like that on your face.
Don't get discouraged. As you rightly said, we need to be like that deaf frog, if we want to come up. You would have realized it during many occasions in your personal and professional front.
simple la sollanumna, avanukku 'stomach fire' vera onnum illa.
Keep rocking!

மு.கார்த்திகேயன் said...

Sis, kavalappadathE Sis ithukellaam

Ana dont give up writing blog.. Keep on rocking as Priya said..

Your friend can see this post to.. Hope he will feel guiltness after that..

Ignore these type of comments in life..Sis

Arunkumar said...

adadaa.. idellam "grep -v" pottu pora vishayam !!!

unga frienda ketta blog start panninga... ippo avaru solradukku varuthapada... Just keep going Deeksh.

Naatamai baashaila sollanumna "podhu vaazkaila idellam sagajam" !!!

enga sangathu terms-la sollanumna "arasiyalla idellam saadaranam" :)

naan enna solrena "just freeya vidunga"...

Ur posts are so good to read. Keep them pouring. Waiting to c more from u after this incident :)

Sandai-Kozhi said...

deekshanya,actually you don't have to worry about this.Don't care. When we try to please others,we tend to get all bad remarks.you try to be hard on them and go ahead,suddenly you will become too good.ulagam eppdi venum nalum thirumbum.Nakkuku narambilla nu idhaithan sollvanga.you are doing damn good job of writing.keep it coming.cheer up.--SKM

shree said...

uh oh! deeksha, in my view, i think blog is a place where you can write out anything u wish to. similarly there is a right for every person to place comment about it. nalla irundha yeduthukkunga, illaya vittu thallunga. :)

.:: மை ஃபிரண்ட் ::. said...

ungge blog padichchu naangga enjoy pannurom.. keep blogging.. engal support eppothum ungalukku irukku deenakshya..

niraiya niraiya ezhuthunggal..:-)

Deekshanya said...

Thanks to all for those lovely comments! Am glad you all are there.

Nila said...

Blogging is not just sharing..Its caring for each others feelings.

Collecting all those "think alike" souls in one place though they are miles apart :-)

Be a deaf ear to those discouragers. We see them everywhere.

I love your blog :)

Anonymous said...

As Priya had said avanukku stomach fire. I am an anony reader of ur blog and I like it. A lot of times stomach fire people try to discourage others by demeaning their work/lifestyle. Probably he is one of the 'veetla eli velila vowwal' type! (did not want to raise him to 'puli' level).
Anyway this incident (and its blog) let you know that you have a regular though invisible reader(and probably many more) for your blog.
Keep the good blog running.
Anony reader and 1st time commentor.

Deekshanya said...

Thanks Nila
I am glad you love my blog.

Dear Anony
thanks for the comment. first time comment!! am so happy. keep coming.


Dreamzz said...

unga blogkku ennoda first visit.. chumma melotama parkarappa, i liked this one really. so ennoda first comment ithukku!

ichagatholerallam ethirthu sonna pothilum,
achamillai achamillai

enru mulangum ungaludhu couragekku ennaoda first valthukkal!

continue the good work!

Deekshanya said...

@dreamzz - thanks for cmg. ungal anbuku migunth anandri

Anonymous said...


Nice write up.

As one other anonymous fellow blogger, I too stumbled upon your blog and wish to remain anonymous too.

All the comments are valid. I do not want to reiterate them.

Boys tease girls and also vice vera and some relations end up in an unexpected manner.

These people then try to show vengence to their counterparts, like the way you experienced. (Some people end up as misogynist/misandrist too)

What is sad is good people get caught inbetween the cross-fire.

Sathish said...

Hey... Come on... forgive him... Please....