Defining You!

The self is not something that one finds. It is something that one creates. - Thomas Szasz (1920-) (American Psychiatrist)
Quite an interesting quotoation, worth some contemplation on... It is quite true that we define what we are. Lets start with this...describe someone, not related to you,not your friend,but then someone you meet often in your daily life. Okay, let me take my gardener. He visits us once in a fortnight, to clean the garden, trim my lawn and shrubs, adds fertiliser to my plants,etc. He is a thin person, in the age group of 55-60. He speaks kannada only, and understands little tamil,he wears the same shirt everyday,and he has a green bicycle. He always carry a scythe and a small spade.Basically a very calm person, finishes his job and gets the money its worth for from me.So thats how I know Mr.X, (I really dunno his name, shame on me). So we can conclude we define someone by his/her appearance,attire, profession, skills,things that they use everyday,language,etc.
Appearance - Thin, Chubby, Dark, happy
Attire - Simple, Tidy, Torn , Urban
Profession - Gardener , Software Developer, Home maker, Mother
Skills - Neatly maintains the garden, Can advice people on career decisions, smart talk
Objects of Use - Laptop, Spade, Vehicle, Broom, Steth
Language - Excellent Communication skills, speaks only a specific language, talks with an artificial accent.

This fact reiterates that we need to define their own self inorder to be identified in the world that we live in. Defining yourself begins at identifying what you want yourself to be.Then you need to pave the path to become what you want to become - Set the path, the directions, the milestones to measure your growth etc.

Say for instance you want to become someone very neat, tidy,systematic and organised in life.
The Action Plan would be something like ...
Step 1: Keep your ownself clean
Step 2: Check your wardrobe,stationary,personal belongings- decide if you need new ones,dispose not-so- neat ones.
Step 3: Keep your things where they need to be, and remember to put them back there after,stationary,nail clipper, bottle opener,etc.
Step 4: Start at cleaning your own desk, slowly upgrade to, keeping your bed,wardrobe, workspace, room, etc. clean
Step 5: Let people know that you respect Tidiness, never give up on this value. -Set an example for what trait you are learning..
Step 6: Imagine you are what you wanted to be .. in this case a very systematic human being.And Lo! you are there.

Remember to do only things that you enjoy and at the same time, enjoy everything that you do. I remember something that Shakira told, in an interview, "A woman becomes beautiful, the moment she thinks she is". I love this thought actually. It means We are what our thoughts are, people say, so think right, do it right and you are definitely on the way to become what you defined yourself to be. You are an individual soul, unique from others,so craft your ownself to be the best that you can ever be. Above all believe in yourself - thats the first tip to success in defining yourself.


Syam said...

first comment ah potutu appuram poi padikaren... :-)

Syam said...

unga tag done :-)

golmaalgopal said...

//"A woman becomes beautiful, the moment she thinks she is". // really a good thoughtnga...even milton said...which is my fav quote..."mind is a place in itself...u can make a hell of a heaven and a heaven of a hell"

it all depends on how v set our mind to do something...

Syam said...

indha points ellam marakkama thangamani kitta sollidarenungo :-)

Sandai-Kozhi said...

@Deekshanya: nalla think panni azhaga ezhudirukeenga.--SKM

Deekshanya said...

[Syam] hey!
Thangamani and all ladies are very organised and clever. So these tips are for u. Tag-a pathi pesathinga...

[Gopal] All the best for ur career at TCS.Exactly,"mind is a place in itself...u can make a hell of a heaven and a heaven of a hell!" Super thought.

[SKM] -Thanks!!

Sandai-Kozhi said...

nan Syamku kodukka ninacha badhila neengalae koduthuteenga.Well!Well.:)--SKM