Treading the path of life with friends

Who is a friend? Well this is a question which would recieve multiple answers when you ask the same question to people of different ages.Here goes my interpretation of friends And who've all made my life meaningful through this lovely relationship!

My first known friend was called Madhana
She lived few blocks away,but was too close to my heart
Her brother and my sister went to school together
And that paved way for the fun we had.

Then came school - (Vikaasa primary)
Bindhya,Indu,Sathya,Bala to name some
Cant forget Siddhu's lies and Dwaritha's silence!!
Can I ever forget my first class teacher and friend Shanthi Bala??
(I met her after I finished my studies and joined my first job
She hugged me and said "how are you my darling"
just the same way she did on my first day to school.)

I was pampered at home, so going to school meant hell to me
I used to cry every other day till I crossed 2nd standard
The reason I stopped crying was Madhana(another) and Nisha
My best friends in Junior school(Vikaasa Tuticorin).
Now Madhana is an engineer and Nisha an Fine Arts grad,
hardly we knew we'd land up in varied fields,
coz then all we loved was Barbie, Enid Blyton and Pick Wick wafers!!! (Love them still)

Then came senior school(Vikaasa Ambas),
I crossed path with the same Indhu I met in KG
She had grown up into a beautiful lady and
switched to this school just like me!
She had a friend called Debbie,so she became mine too!

Back to square one (Vikaasa Madurai)
Met Bala,Sathya,and few others.
All grown up!!
Got new pals called Karen and Saranya.
Lunched,played Hockey,giggled and grinned with them.

Then moved out from Vikaasa legacy
To join a new world called Jeevana
Friend at first Sight Seema,
She is the BEST till date
A sense of belongingness,a sense of comfort
All I sense with her..She is far away in the US,
but then thoselong hours spent at her place and mine are still afresh on my mind!

College,that too a ladies college (Lady Doak)
Awesome,last bench ladies,gang of twenty,
naughty, caught for bunking class and sleeping on the cool floor of the college chapel,
dismissed for playing cards in the campus,toppers in class, what else can you ask for Riz,Amutha,Ramya,Muthu,Vidya,the list is too long to narrate...

Then came post grad (MK University)
A forest literally. more than 100 acres of departments and labs..
Surrounded by lush green meadows and a hill.
Prakash,Anbu and Anshu seated next to me
From day 1 to end... they are the best.

My final year project in a big company
At Satyam chennai,
how can i forget Kamakshi,Emmu,Alok?
Those long hours of work
did a lot to me, set up a thinking flame in me
Buring bright till today!!

Then came Patni,my first company
Thomas,venkatesh,vikram and kamesh
all memories still so new in me.....

At oracle,my life became smooth
with Meera,my room mate, deskmate,
best friend,best collegue... she made my stay there meaningful

Today at office(Fidelity) I sit thinking of all of them
very few have net/email access,
some have forgotten my existence
few are regularly in touch

But then if I could ask for something in life
I want a day exclusively with each one of them
In solitude and peace
To talk all these years of life
and give a tight hug to say how muchI missed them all along
and a firm handshake for gratitude to tell them what I am today
is but because of them in some way!

Love you all!!


Dubukku said...

Friends make what we are today
- well written.

Prathaban said...

cute one. :-)

sc said...

may I know which year left ambas