A basket of flowers.... Everfresh!

Growing up as one
Then split to three
The 3 daughters my parents have
Is all what am gonna write here about

The eldest being an active admirer
Of colors,paint and rangoli
Decided her studies to go the chemical way
And with under graduation in her pocket
Decided its time to settle in wedlock

Said ok to the first eligible bachelor
Appa had sought,good times begun,
Today ,never has a day begun without thinking of her
And her lovely little daughters,the thieves of my salary till date,
And who make me really admire girls!

The youngest daughter being the most attractive
I am sure all this cheer and magnet work
Owes to the pamper dad,mom and sisters give
Now all set for an MBA is exploring her ways in the B-School.

And should I say about the middle one...?
Yes,thats me, if I talk more,you'd call it self conceit
If less, you'd call me modest
Let me have it there, just right in the middle

Active,sporty,witty,terribly meddlesome
Mother of a little bundle of joy aged 1,
Identical to me in every aspect explained,
He is THE SON! So very smart with his cars, games,tweety bird and Oswald!
Words cant quite explain this person(me) you see.
Am exploring it myself..... Yes all by myself!

Now the families are 3 in number
The marriages being the reason
But the mind is one
Nothing would compare to the fun
The three still have
Amidst loud cries of kids and peacefully sleeping son in laws !!

Dad and mom never worried they had no sons
Today they are happy with grand children,
One on their lap,one running between their legs
And the rest breaking our house into two!

And they claim nothings better
Than sharing the bed with all of them
Tucked inbetween my parents
One kicking appa at sleep,another wetting the bed,
One holding to amma's palm and all of them secure
Amidst their real life saviours and best supporters at all times of troubles!!

Nothing like a united family,thats strength incomparable in other words!!


Uma Krishna said...

wow! kekkave romba nalla irukku. your narration is very good.

I'm married to the youngest in a family of 6 sons and 2 daughters. It's absolutely true. My in-laws have seen a dozen grandchildren and they feel the same as your parents.

Deekshanya said...

hey Uma,
how are you and Tharun? We are all fine here.Had a blast of a weekend with my son Avanish. Didnt feel like coming to office today actually ;-)Thanks agn for your valuable comments on the write up..
occassionally i write poems too!
Will write more.

Dubukku said...

Do you and Uma know each other before??

Deekshanya - If you dont mind Can I have your email? just wanted to ask you something on Vikasa. or email me r_ramn at yahoo dot com when you have time. thanks in advance