The otherday,I saw the movie "Tomahawk" aired on one of the movie channels on the television.Getting curious on why this movie was named so,I picked up every thesaurus and dictionary I could to search for this word.
Voila! Found so many descriptions for this word...
1) a type of axe made and used by Native Americans (So I know the reason now.. the movie is about making peace between indians and whites during the Great Sioux uprising)
To suprise you more the same word has so many meanings and usages....Check them out
1) an alternative metal band fronted by Mike Patton
2) a Chinese death metal band from Beijing, active since 1993
3) a geometric shape that can be used to trisect angles
4) a city in the USA
5) a one-handed slam dunk, where the ball is brought over the head before being stuffed into the basket, in a chopping motion (Basketball)
6) a turning maneuver used in skating
7) a helicopter in G.I. Joe toys
8) a DC Comics character

wow isnt that interesting.....

Now what do you call a word with several meanings ??? (think...) poly .. synonymous... yup got it heteronym!! (No you lose,heteronym refers to a word that is spelled identically but has different meanings when pronounced differently.) Then whats that word buddy??? HOMOGRAPH !! Perfect!!
Sometimes words just get so cool....like TOMAHAWK.. keep chewing this word!!

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Anonymous said...

thats awesome.i dont know why i never thought to look up this word