How many times have we wondered why this song got stuck on my head from morning or why am I humming this all day.. While brushing through The Hindu today caught this cute article on Earworms. The phenomenon of "cant get this song out of mind" is defined as an earworm. The word etymology is from the German "Ohrwurm", a term for a song stuck in one's head, particularly an annoying one!!
Popular Example of an earworm :
In the film Shrek, there is a parody of the song "it's a small world" by the Sherman Brothers.
So what do we do when we get affected by one... To try and dislodge the song, two-thirds of the time people will try humming a different song; 14% of the time, they try humming the song to its end ,the internet says!! I can hear you say,that you have similar experiences too.. Boy, am I glad to hear there are so many other people like myself, however. And why is it that some days my mind is completely calm and not bothered by intrusive melodies, and other days, just the opposite? Actually I am not bothered by the earworms. I find the phenomenon interesting!!

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